Katy Perry is scared for the future

Katy Perry is a big fan of Gwen Stefani herself, and tries, like Gwen, to have a long carreer in the music world. But doesn’t think she get’s the time for that. The music industry is now changed and Katy thinks that she is going to be dumped fast for another new artist.

De ‘Hot N Cold‘ Singer is worried. She twitters; I think music is nowadays very weird. The music industry doesn’t give you a chance to grow. Music is not fastfood. It has to change and grow. Not to make a competition for who’s on top.

People expect that you are already on the same level as artists like Beyonce, Madonna and Gwen Stefani, But forget that those wonderfull girls already are working 15/25 years.

Katy doesn’t hope that her fans are going to eat her, and spit her out again. But the people are going to love her, be loyal to her, and grow with her.

Source: TMF.nl / Thanks to ‘louisetje‘ for the translation.

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