Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

It seems fashion documentaries come along every September, but the anticipation for “Jeremy Scott – The People’s Designer,” directed by Vlad Yudin and hitting theaters Sept. 18, is perhaps more akin to that of a summer popcorn flick than an art house documentary. In short: people are expecting a fun ride. The designer dishes with WWD a few days ahead of the Los Angeles premiere on Sept. 8.

WWD: What does the film reveal to people that they might not have known about you before?
J.S.: There’s a lot of people who know the iconic image of Katy Perry at the Super Bowl or Miley and me after my first Moschino show, but in this film, you see Katy and I in our car on the way to the Met and in the locker room bathroom before she goes on to the Super Bowl field. You get these behind-the-scene glimpses of what happened before all these moments.

> The People’s Designer – Behind the scenes

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